Command of Military Works

One of our most esteemed clients is the U.A.E Armed Forces for which we have done many quality projects to date. You can always rely on our expertise in the field of construction and delivering the best quality according to all world standards and requirements.

No. Year of Completion Project
1 2010 Finishing Works for Zayed Military College
2 2011 Accommodation Building & other Facilities in Al Manama
3 2010 Establishment of Camps Sheltering in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & the Region Sheltering Camps in the Northern Emirates
4 2010 Establishment of Camps Sheltering in the Northern Emirates
5 2010 Construction of Observation Towers
6 2011 Construction of Different Buildings in Al Hamra
7 2011 Construction of Stores & Fences for Zayed Military College
8 2011 Construction of Walls & Fences for Zayed Military College
9 2013 Leveling Works & Pavement for Mechanical Parking at Camp
10 2014 Construction of Boundary Wall for Mahawi Camp
11 2014 Construction of Car Parking
12 2014 Flattering of Al-Hail Alternative Station for Royal guard
13 2014 Height Extension of Security Fence at camp No. 420701
14 2015 Construction of Electrical & Manual Shooting Range in camp NO 130803
15 2016 Maintenance of Fence For Border Guard Group No.(121801)

Other Military Projects




Border Fence at Um-Alzamool


Air Defense Buildings at Nad Al Sheba Camp


Concrete  Wall around the Base of Al-Dhafra


Lighting Poles, Buildings, Prefabricated Concrete Wall & Watch Towers for Air Defense Camp at Baniyas


Concrete Wall around the Camps at Sweihan


Wall Border around the Base Safrah


Create Different Buildings for the Benefit of the Armed Forces


Generation Based Suite of Military Training at the Faculty of Khalifa bin Zayed


Fences & Border near Northern Emirates